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Ian Rawlinson's recent work explores places of transition and changes in the psyche. These points of transformation are a recurring theme throughout his work, giving voice to ideas of identity, connection and other internal processes. His most recent projects draw upon ideas of place and memory, combining elements of the past with contemporary imagery.

His influences and images stem from various sources ranging from ideas evoked by words and their meanings to more expansive works incorporating constructed elements. His practice includes painting, printmaking, writing, construction, installation and film making. He is currently producing a series of short films and working on a trilogy of exhibitions inspired by lost areas of Cambridge.

Since 1985 Ian Rawlinson has lived and worked in London. He regularly exhibits his work in the UK and internationally. During this time he has also travelled and worked in Europe, the USA and Mexico.

His work is held in collections including the Cambridgeshire Collection, ArtsLink123, New Art Gallery Walsall, Sedgwick Group, Brown and Wood, Vosges, Peterborough Arts Council, Loughborough College, RCA and private collections in the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA.

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