19 January 2010 : Taking the Road of Ashes

TAKING THE ROAD OF ASHES is Ian Rawlinson's first solo show since 'The Language of Fire', his successful 2004 exhibition at the Waterloo Gallery, London. These new and previously unseen works include a mixed media installation and works on canvas expanding on the evolutionary nature of Rawlinson's creative process established in his earlier constructed paintings.

As much a collection of imagery, TAKING THE ROAD OF ASHES is an exploration of the psyche. To realise this recent body of work, Ian Rawlinson has drawn inspiration from the study of alchemical and psychological texts. The exhibition takes its name from an elongated framed work that contains the remnants of former paintings. This piece signifies Rawlinson treading a darker path and moving away from the fiery reds and dense blacks of previous work. In a series of works on paper, Rawlinson explores the idea of the 'Shadow' side of the psyche. The ever-present dark blue of the imagery establishes a repetitive theme emphasising the artist's struggle to attain the essence of the idea, rather than its literal depiction. As the series continues, bars, voids and intrusions begin to appear, becoming increasingly dominant as the work evolves. From the darkness — the Prima Materia — emerges a lighter, more abstracted imagery, which eventually becomes the 'Wall of Paradise' series. Inspired by a quote by Joseph Campbell, these works depict an interface between elements, a new place of transition.

Ian Rawlinson has been a practising artist for 25 years. His approach to art takes in aspects of painting, printmaking, writing and installation. His work is shown frequently in the UK and abroad. He lives and works in London and has worked in Europe, the USA and Mexico.


155 Battersea Park Road, London SW8 4BU
from 25th May to 5th June 2010
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